Take all of your favorite horror movies, your favorite haunted houses, and the most brutal death metal you can think of and that pretty much sums up Mortician.  Hailing from Yonkers, NY, Mortician are often times lumped into the New York death metal scene when people are discussing the genre.  But really Mortician play a style of death metal more closely resembling goregrind/grindcore than straight death metal.  Their use of a drum machine turned up to about 6,000 BPM alone makes them a unique force in the death metal world.

What also stands out with Mortician, and what’s half the fun of listening to them, are the movie samples.  This album alone features killer samples from such films as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Suspiria, Maniac, Blood Sucking Freaks, When A Stranger Calls, The Fog and The Road Warrior just to name a few.  It’s almost as much fun to try and play “Guess what movie that sample came from…” as it is to rock out to the seriously abrasive form of metal these guys peddle.  Few bands in the world do so well as to combine the worlds of horror movies and heavy metal as Mortician does.

Hacked Up For Barbecue was the bands first full length album, released in 1996 on Relapse Records.  If you are down with brutal death metal and killer horror movies (pun intended) then I highly recommend you check out this album.

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