Metal has had their fair share of “supergroups” over the years.  To be quite honest most of them have not lived up to the hype.  However, every now and then you get one totally worth their weight in band name-dropping.   Bloodbath arrived on the scene at the beginning of the last century boasting a pretty hefty lineup featuring Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth fame, Dan Swano (who is pretty much a living legend in the Swedish metal scene both in front of and behind the boards), and members of Katatonia and Diabolical Masquerade.  Hefty indeed.

Now the line-up has since changed quite a bit and they’ve gone from being a side project to a full time band with members committed to Bloodbath first.  However when their debut album, Resurrection Through Carnage, was released on Century Media in 2002 they were not hailed because of the merits of writing kick ass, old school,  Swedish death metal but instead were looked at by many as a novelty act of sorts.  Such is the peril of these supergroups when they are marketed as such – they will almost forever be compared to the other bands from whence their members came.

It is a shame though really that this band and this album in particular sometimes do not get the credit they deserve.  This band was part of the next generation of purveyors of the “buzzsaw” sound of death metal production that bands like Entombed, Grave and Dismember perfected.  Forget for a minute that this album contains two of the most famous Swedish metal musicians of all time and listen to this album as if it were just a bunch of dudes.  I promise that doing so will not diminish this albums excellence one iota.  Check out this killer footage from Wacken 2005 of the band performing the track “So You Die” which is easily one of the best tracks on the album.


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