We have not even really begun to talk about South America’s contribution to the world of metal, especially that of Brazil.   There are dozens of highly influential bands that have spewed forth from the Brazil that are not named Sepultura.  One of those bands is Krisiun.

Krisiun are a death metal band.  There really is no middle ground here.  They are a blasphemous, extreme death metal band who writes lyrics as evil as Deicide and riffs as sick as Morbid Angel.  Actually Krisiun does indeed borrow at least owe some of what they do to some of the early inventors/pioneers of the death metal genre, namely Possessed, Sodom and Kreator.  They are immensely talented musicians and because so they are also one of the best live death metal bands you’ll ever see, especially when you can catch them in a tiny club where the darkness and evil can just completely engulf you.  Maybe it’s because the three members are brothers that they work so well together?  Regardless of the reasoning there are few death metal bands in the world as tight as this one. (When my wife and I were first dating I took her to a metal show at the old Coney Island High in NYC.  She’s not a metal fan at all, not then, not now.  But the one band on that bill she walked away impressed by as far as their musicianship was Krisiun – the drummer especially.  True story.)

In 2000, Krisiun released their third full length album and debut for Century Media, titled Conquerors of Armageddon.  This was not only the first Krisiun album that had pristine production but also the first that brought them to a worldwide audience.  This was the album that took them from being a kvlt favorite to being a household name to death metal fans around the globe.  I highly recommend you check out the title track of this album and while you’re at it here’s a live version from a festival they played in Poland that wound up on a live DVD.

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  1. DED says:

    I’m not a death metal fan in general, but I thought this track, and a few others I checked out from this album on YouTube, were good.

  2. Christopher Dalton says:

    I first saw Krisiun @ toads place in New Haven CT back in 2003/2004 with Deicide (never made it to gig, little border trouble) Mortician and Hate Eternal. Krisiun simply blew me away and I’ve been a fan ever since. The sheer brutality and speed of this band is unreal. Very few bands, I feel, are at this level of heaviness. I own ALL of Krisiuns back catalogue but Apocalyptic Revelation and this album are my favorites. Hail Krisiun!!!!

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