A lot of bands write albums with themes to them.  I’m not even talking about King Diamond who makes every album a concept record of some sorts.  No, I’m talking that band that writes the one-off pseudo concept record where every song has a similar lyrical/thematic scheme.  But South Carolina’s Nile take the concept thing to a whole new world when they decided that everything about their band, from the name to the lyrics to the bells and whistles they add to each song would revolve around Ancient Egypt.

Sure there have been bands like Alestorm and before them Running Wild who did the whole ‘priate metal’ thing and there are countless numbers of metal bands inspired by various forms of folklore/folk traditions/etc. from around the world.  But I don’t know if any band has pulled off the whole thematic thing as successfully as Nile has (and that includes this band Coffin Texts who also attempted the Ancient Egyptian thing at one point).  My favorite part about it though has to be that this isn’t just a band telling stories and tracing their own ancestry in this sort of cultural zeitgeist.  No, instead we have some immensely intricate telling of Ancient Egyptian folklore, history, art and culture…by some dudes from the Deep South, USA.   Awesome.

My other favorite part about this band is how well they pull it off musically.  If you’re a fan of amazingly intricate, technical death metal then look no further than Nile.  The layers upon layers of sound that this band puts on an album, yet retains all brutality, defies all death metal logic.  Black Seeds of Vengeance was the band’s second full-length album, released in 2000 on Relapse Records.  It was, at the time their most ambitious effort and absolutely stood out amongst all other death metal releases at the time.  I highly recommend you check out the title track and go from there.

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