Some bands, no matter how good they were, simply get lost to the ages for whatever reason.  Sometimes it’s the inability to keep a solid line-up together.  Maybe they don’t tour often enough or maybe they are signed to the wrong label.  Whatever the reason, one of the bands that seems to get lost in the shuffle a bit is St. Louis’ Anacrusis.

Anacrusis released their debut album, Suffering Hour in 1988 on a European label called Active Records.  Active Records was actually a subsidiary of major label RCA at one point but closed their doors a long time ago.  At the time of this Anacrusis record the label had no real distribution deal in place in the US so it wasn’t until after they signed with Metal Blade that the album would be given a proper US release in 1990.  Now Anacrusis would make their name a s aprogressive thrash band and really perfect a sound that was quite unique in the thrash world.  However their debut album was an aggressive ripper of an album and their style at this time could best be described as Overkill meets Megadeth.   The vocals on this album are all over the place from a sort of talking/clean style to a normal sort of thrash growl to these high-pitched yelps that, frankly are the best moments vocally speaking.

This band would really make their way with a style shift from this sort of early thrash worship to the more progressive stuff I mentioned early.  However there is a reason this album made a label like Metal Blade sit up and take notice.  I highly recommend you check out the track “Imprisoned“.   It has one of my favorite moments on the entire album.  Let’s see if you can figure out what it is…

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